Smart Pill Cap

Never miss your Medicine time again!

Moments Matter….  Health Matters

Multiple Time-frame Intervals4 Hours 8 Hours / 12 Hours / 24 Hours
Keep Golden Years Golden

Many elderly Americans take multiple prescription medications each day. Keeping track of the right time to take each of them can be a challenge for any, but especially elderly patients.
Our Patented SmartPillCap can ensure that he or she takes all of his or her prescriptions as necessary.
Children are our future

Children are our most precious gift. We never want our children to miss out on any Vitamin or medicinal regimen. Smart Pill Cap helps us and them to remember to live optimally by Audibly and visually reminding them to stay consistant.
Attention deficit hyperactivity dis
We love our pets!

Dogs, Cats, Guinea pigs, We love them! When our pets are healthy, they have no limits on the the give. Smart Pill Cap can help in time of need when Medicine is prescribed.