Easy To Use

Ready to use out of the box

Easy To Use

With just the touch of a button, the smartPillCap is ready for use.

Multiple Intervals

8h, 12h and 24h

Multiple Intervals

Choose between 8, 12 and 24 hour time intervals depending on the intake frequency of your medication.


As tiny as it is convenient


Weighing less than a gram and with the diameter of a standard medicine bottle, the smartPillCap is discreet and won't take up space in your cabinet.

Alarm Reminders

Purposely alarming

Alarm Reminders

The alert is loud enough for most to hear. It is a purposefully alarming sound that is beneficial to those with vision difficulties


Set it and remember it


No technical knowledge is necessary to use the device. The intervals are pre-programmed at the factory.

LED Light

Syncs with alarm beeps

LED Light

The LED light located on top of the device flashes brightly at the time the device was programmed. The LED light is useful for those who are hard of hearing.




smartPillCap’s intellectual proprietary (IP) was developed and patented by Angelo Jeyarajan to address a personal need as a caregiver to administer regularly scheduled medications.




The smartPillCap's design is patented. We contracted with a company to create the injection mold for the pill cap. We have the hardware; software built and is currently
enhancing it.
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Launch & Distribution

We are constantly reviewing manufacturing options and costs while actively searching for contacts in the industry for sales, distribution and funding. This product is available for sale on this website and also on Amazon and Ebay.

Medical patent granted 1/13/21 Patent 08348093 - System method and apparatus for medication

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