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Never Miss Your Medicine Time Again!

smartPillCap is a device that fits on most pill bottles with LED lights and alert to remind you to take your medication. It is a simple solution for people who have trouble remembering when it's time to take their pills. This product will make sure you never miss another dose again!

Multiple time intervals (6, 8, 12, 24 hours)

Small and discreet

No technical knowledge necessary

Never miss a dosage, no matter what!

Feature And Benefits

smartPillCap can be easily installed on any pill bottle, so all you need to do is pop in the batteries and start taking your meds at the same time each day! The light indicators are easy-to-read, which makes them perfect for anyone with vision problems. You'll never forget again when it's time for your next dose and best of all, this smart reminder system doesn't require any extra effort from you - it does everything automatically! No matter what kind of schedule

People forget to take their medication because they lose track of time or get distracted.

Fits On Most Medicine Bottles

smartPillCap fits on most prescription pill bottles. Just remove your standard cap, screw in the smartPillcap, program it and you're done. smartPillCap weighs only 5 grams. The internal Li-Ion battery lasts for a year before requiring replacement.

Easy To Use

The group who is most interested in this device is the elderly, as it makes medications easier to take for those suffering from age-related ailments such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. Therefore we had to make the product easy to use. All you have to do is to place the smartPillcap on your medicine bottle, set your alerts , and you're done! It's that simple – no programming or technicalities on your part.

Important Reminders

smartPillCap send you reminders to take your medication on time. Taking medication on time can be a life or death moment for many. That is why we have invented smartPillCap. smartPillCap will send you reminders to take your medication on time and keep track of when you have time your medicine. You also can set alarms for taking medications by yourself, such as, wake up with a pill alarm; take a second dose with another pill alarm; taking your last dose before sleep with a third alarm.


Because of its low production cost, we are able to sell smartPillcap at a rate that everyone can afford. The effective cost is low because of the success of our innovative plastic injection molding technology and the simplicity of the software. We do not need to spend much money on marketing or distribution since our sales channels are centralized. Our low operating costs means we can pass the savings on to the end user. Hence, smartPillcap is the most affordable product for reminders about medication doses throughout the day.

Fits On Standard Pill Bottles

Easy To Use

Why Choose smartPillCap

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Keep Golden Years Golden

Many elderly Americans take multiple prescription medications each day. Keeping track of the right time to take each of them can be a challenge for any, but especially elderly patients.
Our Patented smartPillCap can ensure that he or she takes all of his or her prescriptions as necessary.

Children Are Our Future

Children are our most precious gift. We never want our children to miss out on any Vitamin or medicinal regimen. smartPillCap helps us and them to remember to live optimally by Audibly and visually reminding them to stay consistent.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is very common amongst children and a child without their ADHD medication be very hard to manage. 

We Love Our Pets

Dogs, Cats, Guinea pigs, We love them! When our pets are healthy, they have no limits on the the give. smartPillCap can help in time of need when Medicine is prescribed.

Purchase smartPillCap

smartPillCap is a time-saving, innovative tool that helps patients remember to take their medications.


Who can use smartPillCap?


The Origin Story Of smartPillCap

smartPillCap’s intellectual proprietary (IP) was developed and patented by Angelo Jeyarajan to address a personal need as a caregiver to administer regularly scheduled medications.

The smartPillCap features a pre-programmed timer device that helps patients take their medication at various times prescribed by the patient’s doctor.


When you have blood pressure issues, you never want to forget your medicine. With the Smart Pill Cap, It's hard to forget. It reminds you!!!.


Thanks Smart Pill Cap for always reminding my Mom to take her Pain Meds. She Hears great, but vision not so much. She has been much better at taking the medication.



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